Take Back
Your Legacy

Have you been affected by the War on Drugs?

men and women of color ARE wrongfully profiled and sent to jail and prison in droves for possession and distribution of cannabis.

So much so, that the stereotypes around cannabis consumption were almost always negative and indicative of Black and Brown Americans. You could even say, this is the LEGACY of America.

Today, we look around and many states have legalized cannabis to combat crippling debt. Those with capital and affluence have decided to become kingpins and yet those Black and Brown Americans are still grappling with the long term effects of having a criminal record. Now, those profiting from the distribution of cannabis don't resemble those who cultivated the demand into what it is today.

The Community Legacy Resource Collective Fellowship Program (CLRC) is an Illinois R3 Grant program targeted to help justice impacted Chicagoans on the South Side with case management, training, job readiness, professional development, self advocacy in health and wellness, legal aid and reentry services.

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